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When you send, carry or receive dangerous goods by road, rail or inland waterway, above a certain load size, and it is your main activity, you must appoint a Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser (DGSA).

The above rule applies to shippers, hauliers, carriers, packers, fillers, loaders and unloaders of dangerous goods.

Legislation states ‘Dangerous Goods’ are articles or substances that pose a hazard to health , safety, property and the environment. E.g. acids, explosives, hazardous chemicals, machinery containing dangerous goods, waste material.

As part of our service we can offer our DGSA consultancy, which includes:

  • Initial DGSA site visit / audit.
  • Telephone and email support for your day to day interaction with dangerous goods for your team, for all modes of transport.
  • Annual report. Rates can be provided upon request, please contact us for more details.

Alternatively a nominated person within your organisation is required to hold the relevant qualification and can attend one of our DGSA training courses which are scheduled to coincide with the quarterly SQA DGSA exams.

There are three exams which must be successfully completed within 12 months. We will provide delegates with all the required regulations and publications as part of your course fee and enrol the nominated person on your behalf.

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