Basra Oil, Gas & Infrastructure Conference


Mr Richard Wilson, Country Manager Iraq, recently attended the Basra Oil, Gas & Infrastructure Conference held in Istanbul Turkey. Due to the current climate in the Oil and Gas Sector, particularly in Iraq, it was always going to be an interesting conference.

It was a very informative, with H.E. Thamir Ghadhban, Chairman of the Advisory Commission to the Prime Minister, Iraq’s Government opening the show with the International Vision for Development of Basra.

Naser Muhsin Muhan Head of Licencing & Contracts South Oil Company, Ministry of Oil, Government of Iraq covered the Oil & Gas Opportunities in Basra; South Oil Company Updates: Maximising Resources Potential and Ali Khader Al Saady Director General South Gas Company Chairman of the Board of Directors Ministry of Oil, Government of Iraq covered Natural Gas & Future Gas Utilization in Basra & Iraq.

Overall the conference was worthwhile to see the direction the Iraqi Government are heading in terms of the target increases to production, there were many ambitious targets discussed, the obvious negatives were the reduced price discussion points and the lack of internal investment from within Iraq.

From a networking opportunity it is always good to see your customers and use these opportunities to explore new options as they present themselves.