PFS OMAN - HSE Initiative Block 61


One of the PFS contracts in Sultanate of Oman is to provide the warehouse and material management to BP in Block 61, which supports the major Khazzan tight gas field. This is a 3700 km2 acreage situated about 350km southwest of Muscat and can be accessed via a desert road from Qarn Alum in the South or Fahud in the North.


The daily temperatures in the summer months are frequently over 40 degrees.


One HSE initiative recently rolled out by the Operational Management team (Andrew Doyle / Chris Iles), was to provide back packs with water bladders to the ground staff. These will enable the operatives to keep adequately hydrated while carrying out their work tasks in the challenging environment and climate conditions that they face. The Pentagon staff were trained in how to use the equipment correctly and safely. And a specific tool box talk to discuss possible hazards that could occur while using the equipment. (Strapping being caught in loads or moving equipment.). The staff have responded positively to this initiative and it reinforces PFS commitment to continuing to improve conditions for our employees and it is hoped will reduce the chance of heat stroke and dehydration.