Pentagon the Netherlands has expanded!

  • Pentagon Freight Services have recently bolstered their team in the Netherlands, with a goal of developing a European Gateway. The company has been active for nearly 50 years across the globe in support of critical industries, and with the European push in the energy and marine sectors being considerable, the company is looking to position itself to cater to the demands of its clients.

    “Last year the company invested in a new warehouse here in Rotterdam” Jaap Kroon, Director of Business Development at Pentagon Freight Services tells us. Kroon joined Pentagon in April this year, with a clear goal of forging a strong network within the company’s offices in the Netherlands.

    We see great momentum in the energy and marine sectors, and there is a need to bolster the cooperation within the Dutch offices in Rotterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport” he said, adding that besides this, Pentagon is also expanding its footprint in the country with the recent acquisition of Alfons Freriks Logistics.

    ”The collaboration will foster knowledge exchange and cross-pollination of ideas, promoting a culture of innovation, adaptability, and continuous improvement within the newly expanded organisation,” the company said at the time of acquisition.

    It is this culture that Kroon is looking to foster within the company. “We have a positive style of leadership, more open, approachable, and we want to deliver certainty for our customers.” he said.

    The company is assembling a team with a mix of experience and young talent capable of adapting to the customers’ needs, thinking outside the box and delivering on its promise. With the established Pentagon network, the Rotterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport offices have everything in place to grow, but also to let its actions speak instead of their words.

    “We first have to show that we understand the importance of our business, that is why I was brought in,” Kroon says. “Now we need to make sure we recruit the right people, the best people, create a culture of effectiveness, efficiency, capacity and above all, quality, however, we still want to remain agile and adapt to our customers’ needs.”

    Scout for talent, teach them right

    Pentagon already has a presence in the Netherlands and a number of highly skilled, talented individuals. Our goal now is to create a unit, a special task force that will be able to perform at the highest level, and for that we need to bring in more people,” Kroon said, adding that the goals are the same for the Rotterdam and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport offices.

    The company is certainly on the lookout for more talented people. “It is our aim to find the right people, people who fit the Pentagon ethos and people who think they have it in themselves to be successful in this business,” he said.” We make sure that we connect them to the right people within Pentagon, whom they can learn from, and also provide them with the opportunity to develop and bring their ideas to the table.”

    The company is only as good as the people who work for it. Kroon notes that a watch does not show the correct time if the movement hidden behind the dial is faulty. That is the goal, faultless movement where every piece is doing its job with precision and efficiency, making sure Pentagon Freight Services will be the go-to freight forwarder in the Netherlands.

    Goals are clear

    Kroon adds that the ambition within the Rotterdam office is there. Pentagon Freight Services have made major investments recently, in a 5000 sqm warehouse, a team of experienced professionals and Alfons Freriks, a Dutch logistics company. The Amsterdam Schiphol Airport office will also benefit from the new setup and grow rapidly.

    Targets have been set to enhance the Dutch offices’ presence in the energy and Marine sectors, working with international oil companies (IOCs), drilling companies, their 3PL business, service companies, and turnkey projects that the company already has extensive knowledge of.

    “However, everything that comes across our path, a project or a customer, we will be happy to take on and find the right, tailor-made solution to provide the icing on the project cake” Kroon said.

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