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Critical Supply Chain Logistics

No matter your logistical requirement, Pentagon Group offers end-to-end critical supply chain logistics solutions. Designed to optimize and fully support your time-sensitive, high-value goods, our solutions ensure on-time delivery – at any time, to any place. 


The Key Benefits of Critical Supply Chain Logistics

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Mapping the supply chain and understanding the supply lead times allows our clients to coordinate people and assets to meet the agreed schedule.

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Contingency Planning

Prior consideration of potential issues in the supply chain allows for rapid recovery should issues present themselves, this is especially relevant in the current market.

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Order Fulfilment

By carrying out pre-departure checks such as line item checking we ensure orders are complete and accurate before they are shipped and avoiding any nasty surprises on arrival at site.

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Main features of Critical Supply Chain Logistics

Using our experience across many sectors we have created end-to-end Critical Supply Chain Logistics solutions that feature:

  • Full Supply Chain mapping to capture each step and its duration
  • Insight, our proprietary Materials Management system that allows visibility of cargo status throughout the supply chain – from order placement to final delivery
  • The ability to source Specialist and innovative solutions for critical destinations
  • Identification of potential choke points and contingencies

Case study

Case Study

Pentagon Calgary – Well Services

Pentagon Calgary arrange a charter at short notice for the emergency deployment of a Snubbing Unit.

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