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Ships Agency

For Ships Agency, we work to ensure that the handling of your vessel and cargo is performed smoothly. Situated in key locations worldwide, we serve specialist industries with excellent facilities and market-leading expertise. 


The Key Benefits of Ships Agency

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Ship and Port Agency

Total visibility of logistics spend allows for better decision making and can identify opportunities for cost reduction.

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Procurement and Project Management

Early identification of logistical challenges can guide vendor selection and reduce delays by ensuring logistical challenges can be considered during the design stage.

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Crew Handling

Making our clients’ aware of free trade agreements and possible tariff concessions can influence vendor selection and ensure costly duties and taxes can be reduced or avoided.

Cargo ship at sea

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Main features of Ships Agency

Our Ships Agency solutions contain several key features including:

  • Personal service available in key strategic locations around the world
  • Access to an experienced team of experts with a wealth of knowledge and high regard in the communities they serve
  • Ability to provide logistics and warehousing to ensure critical items can reach vessels on time
  • Ideal placement to provide services to offshore vessels and handle all logistics requirements

Case study

Case Study

Manoeuvring an oil rig into a Norwegian port

Maneuvering an oil rig into some of the sheltered Norwegian ports can be a challenge! Pentagon has been involved with ships agency services for oil rigs for many years.


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