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PFS Norway – Humanitarian Aid Charter to Yemen

Torgrim Espedalen

Torgrim Espedalen

Business Manager, Norway

  • As the logistical partner of a major humanitarian aid organisation, Pentagon Norway have been given numerous challenging projects over the years. 

    Last year’s charter operation to Qamishli, Syria, was one of the most difficult projects PFS Norway as had to deliver.  Aid organisations are always on the frontline, working with the most remote destinations. For the people of Yemen, the Covid-19 outbreak is the latest threat in addition to war, floods, cholera, and dengue fever.  Yemen is the world’s single largest humanitarian crisis at the current time with over 24 million people in need of aid supplies and medical care. 

    Pentagon Norway are very proud to announce that on the 22nd of July, we had a successful 747 charter operation from Oslo, Norway to Aden, Yemen, that transported a complete field hospital and medical supplies. 

    Months of planning and preparations led to a successful delivery.  The aid organisation can continue their important work in the provision of medical supplies and humanitarian aid. 

    We are very proud to be the preferred logistical partner for this major aid organisation.  Pentagon Norway are always looking to make impossible projects possible!   

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