The ship with containers on the river

Remote Field Work in PNG

Rob Addis

Rob Addis

Managing Director, PNG

  • A top-tier oil company operates in the remote highlands of Papua New Guinea. Pentagon PNG is heavily involved in chartering supply barges and LCT’s to the remote site. Two 100-man camps, cranes, dura mats, and drill rigs were mobilised to allow the field location to become fully operational. Supplies are regularly transported to the site to ensure the camp maintains capacity operations.

    The river system is prone to flash-flooding and vessel movement is restricted by shallows and fluctuating tides. The photos show the remote location of the camp and the challenging nature of the operation.

    Pentagon PNG thrives in these remote locations and our clients depend on our local knowledge to provide solutions, moving their materials on schedule and within budget. ​

    Aurei marked with a point on the map
    Satellite map of the areas of Papua New Guinea
    Ships on the river among the forest
    Brid's-eye view of the ships on the river among the forest
    The ship with containers on the river
    Containers on the ship

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