Why should Millennials and Gen Z consider a career in logistics?

  • Millennials and Gen “Zs” are changing the dynamics in the workplace across all industries. With the logistics industry evolving technologically, it is only natural to progress and invest in the younger generations.

    They are very valuable in a business’ operations purely because they grew up around the digital space and technology. Social media, the internet and mobile phones have been a part of their life from the very beginning making it much easier for them to adapt to different technologies. The logistics industry is experiencing a shift toward digitalization and having “tech-savvy” employees naturally boosts efficiency.

    We have many interns across the globe at Pentagon in every function. Whether you are interested in sales, operations, IT or finance, we offer a range of different careers with an opportunity for growth and great support.

    We asked a few of our international interns what their experience with Pentagon has been like. This was their responses:

    Rachel, International Freight Intern says “It has been a very rich experience to work at Pentagon for the last six months, I have been mentored by great professionals who really make the effort to teach and integrate the team. I got the chance to learn about different aspects of the business and work in a very dynamic environment. I was also able to establish a very positive relationship with my colleagues and grow individually as this is my first work experience in this area.”

    John, Intern also says “My time at Pentagon has so far been both academically and professionally productive. I’m grateful to be a part of this skilled team that is always ready to help me. I was very nervous on my first day, but on arrival, I was met by this happy, welcoming group of people that weren’t afraid to crack jokes on our first meeting. This made me feel at home. 

    As a student, I was unsure about what to expect while being an intern, but the team here has made my transition very easy. I am assigned tasks that are in line with my progress and my development is monitored to help me benefit from my internship. I enjoy the trust and freedom to perform operations independently.

    I must especially mention the warm, social, inclusive, and welcoming nature of the entire Pentagon team. This is an amazing, working environment that makes every day an achievement for me.    

    Special thanks to the team who are selflessly contributing to my bachelor’s degree and career”

    Liyana, Business and Finance Intern mentions “I am elated to have had the opportunity to work with Pentagon Freight Services as an intern. During my time there, I was able to grow in several professional areas since I shadowed employees of different departments to get an insight into their jobs. I especially appreciated the time I spent in the finance department. Additionally, I got an understanding of freight forwarding as well as Pentagon’s logistics and operations.”

    Here at Pentagon, we offer internships year-round. This gives young individuals the opportunity to gain meaningful career experience and insight into logistics to see if it’s the right fit for them. Through internships, we help our community grow by supporting and developing young talent and future leaders.

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