Quality Policy

Pentagon Global Management System

At Pentagon Freight Services, whilst delivering customs and freight forwarding services; warehousing & supply base management; transportation and logistics-related activities we are committed to providing consistent, innovative, and high-quality services products to exceed our customer’s expectations. Quality, along with Health and Safety is of the highest importance to our business and as such, will form an integral and integrated part of all our operations.

Our objective is to create a customer-focused and continuous improvement in culture and environment. The appropriate provision of resources, processes and education, will allow employees, contractors and suppliers to demonstrate a genuine commitment to this policy.

Pentagon Freight Services will deliver this policy’s objectives through the implementation of a Quality Management System based on recognised ISO Standard 9001.

To achieve this objective, we will:

  • Promote a culture in which all Pentagon Freight Services employees share this commitment.
  • Set measurable quality objectives, monitor performance and ensure continual improvement.
  • Provide a quality management framework and operational guidance in the form of quality procedures and instructions available to all staff on PentaNet. This ensures that activities are performed in a planned, systematic and efficient manner.
  • Comply with all relevant regulatory and other requirements and the contractual obligations of all our agreements concerning Quality.
  • Provide our customers, contractors and other business partners with the opportunity to contribute to the continual improvement of our operations; and
  • Review this policy on an annual basis to ensure its continued relevance and appropriateness.

The effectiveness of any system depends on the people’s commitment and competence using it. All Pentagon Freight Services employees will receive instruction in our Quality Management System’s use and requirements and are trained and equipped to carry out their roles competently.

All employees and contractors have the responsibility and authority to stop work if there is any question related to Quality or operational risk.

Employees are encouraged to participate and contribute to improving service and product quality. With our employees’ commitment and involvement in quality activities, we will achieve our quality goals and continue to drive towards the achievement and maintenance of our corporate mission.

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