Our global IT systems maximise performance with effective deployment strategies allowing shipment and material visibility – even in the remotest areas.

For us it’s not just about offering real-time track and trace, it’s about delivering system solutions that empower our customers with the information they need, when they want it and how they want it

We tick all the boxes:

  • EDI – Sending and receiving data electronically could not be easier, we have built-in support to over 25 of the main business systems
  • Exception Management – configurable e-mail alerts that advise whether any shipment milestone has been confirmed or missed
  • Document Management – All your shipping documents are uploaded to secure portals that allow you to view at shipment level and mean quicker processing at destination.
  • Material Management – Fully barcoded warehouse system that allows cargo to be received, checked and stored down to PO Line item level
  • LINKTRACK, our online tracking portal that not only allows you to track your cargo but to customise the visibility and performance reporting to how you want it